Emergent: Journal of Educational Discoveries and Lifelong Learning (EJEDL) https://ejedl.academiascience.org/index.php/ejedl <p><strong>Emergent: Journal of Educational Discoveries and Lifelong Learning (EJEDL)</strong> is a scholarly peer reviewed international Journal. The journal implements double blind peer review for articles. The research manuscript have to pass through the plagiarism check before allotted to the reviewers. The open access journal ensure the quality of published articles. Educators and researchers over the world are invited to publish their original discoveries in educational practices from perspective of lifelong learning.</p> <p><strong>ISSN:</strong> 2776-0995</p> <p><strong>Impact Factor:</strong> 7.545</p> <p>The journal covers following areas:</p> <ul> <li>Artificial Intelligence in Education</li> <li>Technology Access Gap.</li> <li>Integrated Learning Systems.</li> <li>Computer Assisted Instruction.</li> <li>Web-based Instruction.</li> <li>Virtual Learning</li> <li>Outcome based education</li> <li>Pedagogical initiatives</li> <li>Educational Advancements</li> <li>Teaching learning practices</li> </ul> <p>Important information of the Journal:</p> <ul> <li><strong>Frequency: </strong>12 issues per Year</li> <li><strong>International License: </strong> CC BY</li> <li><strong>Acceptance Status :</strong> 1-2 weeks</li> <li><strong>Publication Period :</strong> 1-2 weeks</li> </ul> Academia Science en-US Emergent: Journal of Educational Discoveries and Lifelong Learning (EJEDL) 2776-0995 INFLUENCES OF A CONTACT NETWORK ON ADJACENT LINES AND DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS OF ADJACENT LINES https://ejedl.academiascience.org/index.php/ejedl/article/view/258 <p>The article provides general information on the effect of the gravitational system on adjacent lines and develops differential equations of adjacent lines, based on which it is possible to reduce the degree of curvature between adjacent line conductors and the length of their parallel positions by reducing the value of the distribution coefficient.</p> Boltaev Otabek Tashmuxammatovich Axmedova Firuza Anvarovna Nurxonov Bahrom Shavkatovich Copyright (c) 2022 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0 2022-05-07 2022-05-07 3 05 1 8 10.17605/OSF.IO/5QZTM UZBEKISTAN IS BUILDING A NEW REVIVAL - A SUPPORT FOR THE THIRD RENAISSANCE https://ejedl.academiascience.org/index.php/ejedl/article/view/259 <p>This scientific article notes the First and Second Renaissance, which formed the basis of the great contribution of our great ancestors to world civilization, and the glorious power of our people in modern times, Uzbekistan lays the foundation for a new Third Renaissance and views on reforms in the socio-spiritual sphere and system of education.</p> Rahmonali Khasanov Copyright (c) 2022 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0 2022-05-07 2022-05-07 3 05 9 17 10.17605/OSF.IO/XY6SD THE IMAGE OF THE LANDSCAPE IN THE POETIC POETRY OF THE ESHKABIL SHUKUR https://ejedl.academiascience.org/index.php/ejedl/article/view/261 <p>The article in this article is analyzed by the examples of the structure of the landscape, the nature of the poet's language, and nature itself.</p> <p><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p> Muyassar Mustafayeva Copyright (c) 2022 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0 2022-05-14 2022-05-14 3 05 18 22 10.17605/OSF.IO/T7P8A THE ESSENCE OF THE WORK "HAYRAT UL-ABROR" https://ejedl.academiascience.org/index.php/ejedl/article/view/262 <p>This article is devoted to the essence of the work of Hayrat ul-abror, the first friend of Alisher Navoi's "Khamsa". In the classical literature of the East, the tradition of Hamsa is well developed, and this is proved in the works of Navoi. The first epic of this quintet differs in the scope and structure of the theme.</p> Toshquvatova Mashhura Copyright (c) 2022 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0 2022-05-19 2022-05-19 3 05 23 24 10.17605/OSF.IO/KU5VP THE ROLE OF INDIRECT TAX IN THE COLLECTION OF STATE BUDGET REVENUES https://ejedl.academiascience.org/index.php/ejedl/article/view/263 <p>The scientific article explains in detail the important role of taxes in the state budget and its functions.&nbsp; Today, the main tasks of taxes are the role of taxes in the economic development of the country and its financial independence, as well as their contribution to the development of the country.</p> Nuriddin Ernazarov Elamonovich Shahzod Samandarov Faxriddinovich Copyright (c) 2022 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0 2022-05-20 2022-05-20 3 05 25 28 10.17605/OSF.IO/DWC64